Tournament Rules

2016 Lady Titans Basketball Tournament Rules


4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Teams


1. Games will start on the scheduled time or can and will start up to 15 minutes early.

Game time is forfeit time. Please be prepared fifteen minutes early.


2. Basketballs will not be provided. (Game ball ONLY)


3. Each team plays 3 games. If there is a tie, Points Allowed will determine the winner. Individual t-shirts will be awarded to the first place team in each bracket with the best record.


4. Game format will be two 18 minute running halves for 4th, 5th, 6th,7th & 8th grade teams. Clock will stop during the last 1 minute of the second half during dead balls. (Clock will not stop if one team is ahead by more than 10 points) 2 minutes between halves. Two 45 seconds timeouts per game is allowed. No carryovers. 1st overtime will be 2 minutes. 2nd overtime is sudden death with jump ball. One 45 second timeout in overtime. NO carry over’s


5. Substitutions may be made at jump balls, free throws, time-outs, and out of bounds

(After every player has played at least five minutes in the first half).


6. Defenses: Any defense for the4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade teams. No pressing once a 10 point lead is established.


7. One and one free throws on 7th team foul. Double bonus on the 10thteam foul.  Each player is allowed five personal fouls. A technical foul for poor sportsmanship will result in that player sitting for the rest of the game and if in final two minutes of a game he/she will sit the first half of the next game.


8. Locker rooms will not be provided. Please come dressed and ready to play.


9. IMPORTANT: Coaches, please show good sportsmanship at all times. Only two (2) coaches are allowed on the bench at a given time. Only one coach may stand. You are a role model to these future basketball players. You are responsible for your spectators. Also, remember Rule 10, Section 5 of the M.H.S.A.A. Rules: Coaches can only leave the bench to give instructions or express a good play. Good sportsmanship will be demanded from everyone. If any player, coach, or spectator exhibits poor sportsmanship, they will be asked to leave and not return.


10. Three pointers will not count for 4th grade teams.


11.  A concession stand will be provided. No coolers or food is to be brought into any Gym!


12. Doors will open 20 minutes before first game of the day.7:40am(NO SOONER)


13. Cost is $5.00 Adults $4.00 Students. NO EXCEPTIONS THIS IS A FUNDRAISER.


14. 2 COACHES and PLAYERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN FREE ONLY coaches must check in at front door.






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